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Together, our team of considerate, thoughtful, engaged, determined, and compassionate clinicians is changing the landscape of mental health services. With over 15 years of experience in community mental health, founder Natasha (Molony) Cameron learned that most people wait until they are in crisis to seek help. That is why we are making mental health services more accessible and consumer friendly than ever ‒ so you can get help before you need it. Life is challenging and we all have struggles. Preventive care can help you navigate life’s challenges much more quickly and easily than if you were to wait to get help until after you’re already in crisis.

We provide comprehensive therapy services to individuals, children, families, couples, and groups in Danville, Pleasanton, Alamo, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Dublin, and Livermore. For your convenience, we offer both in-person and online therapy services. Book a free consultation to get started.


Growing Together
Preventive & Psychological Services
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Meet the Team

Natasha (Molony) Cameron, PhD, PSY 24693

Owner / President

Dr. Natasha Cameron (known as Dr. Natasha Molony for the majority of her professional career) was born and raised in San Francisco and earned her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University with an emphasis in Child and Family Services. She began her journey providing mental health services in community mental health settings in 2006. Over the course of the last 15+ years, she has been an engaged therapist to children, families, adults, and couples in clinic, home, and school settings. Dr. Cameron’s work quickly moved into supervising and training other professionals (both doctorate and master’s level clinicians). She was the Director of Training for over 10 years at a non-profit where she oversaw the training of over 250 graduate students. She has personally trained over 75 graduate students in school-based settings and outpatient clinics, who were providing therapy services to adults, children, youth, and families.

In addition to her direct service and supervisory/training roles, Dr. Cameron has worked directly with school district administrators and staff in eight school districts to help implement effective policy changes and promote the social-emotional development of students and healthy school communities. With a passion for preventative work as well as family systems consultation, Natasha is skilled at understanding and integrating the various systems people interact with in order to provide a whole human experience of support and collaboration.

Arie Koster, PHD, PSY 24693 - Owner of Growing Together Preventive & Psychological Services
Arie Koster, PSYD - Psychological Assciate at Growing Together Preventive & Psychological Services

Arie Koster, PsyD

Psychological Associate

Dr. Arie Koster was born and raised in Fresno and earned his Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Alliant University, Los Angeles with a Family/Child and Couple emphasis. His early involvement in mental health services began at a substance use treatment program in Santa Barbara in 2014. Prior to earning his doctorate, Dr. Koster’s seminal year of training took place in Monterey County where he supported children and families engaged in court-ordered reunification.

He has since been providing therapy and assessment services to children, families, adults, and groups in community agencies. Dr. Koster has a specialty in working with teenagers challenged with anxiety and depression and who exhibit conflict with family and peers. Much of his recent work has involved providing social-emotional training to school counselors, teachers, and psychiatrists. As a budding psychologist, Dr. Koster has found his passion in this field is to help shape a future in which children and families feel empowered to achieve their goals.

Keith Bonnes, PsyD

Psychological Associate

Dr. Keith Bonnes is an associate clinical psychologist with 7 years of experience in a variety of settings including outpatient programs, veteran care facilities, community mental health programs, and community clinic settings. Dr. Bonnes previously served in the United States Air Force and brings with him the Air Force ethos and experience of going above and beyond, the power of strong bonds and camaraderie, service before self, and excellence in all we do. He’s worked with families impacted by trauma, worked with Veterans that experienced combat trauma or military sexual trauma, and provided mental health services for clients with a range of mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, severe mental illness, and personality disorders. Additionally, Dr. Bonnes worked with over 100 clinicians in training at graduate schools across the Bay Area to train them on providing excellent evidence-based trauma-informed therapy for individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, bipolar, ADHD, as well as relationship difficulties.

Dr. Bonnes completed his undergraduate degree from John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, CA. He earned his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University before moving on to his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the university. Dr. Bonnes completed research on the experience of having a learning disability diagnosis in childhood and advocated for increased mental health support for adjusting to this diagnosis in schools. He focused on increasing the efficacy of adjustment to a learning disability and self-advocacy to increase teacher and student collaboration. During the last two years of his degree program, in Pittsburg, CA, he worked in the community to provide trauma-focused therapy to reduce chronic homelessness in adults and families and worked to increase access to social services to provide quality of life support and reduce psychiatric hospitalizations. Dr. Bonnes went on to become the training coordinator at the nonprofit agency he was working at to provide didactic instruction to graduate students around the work of community mental health clinicians.

Dr. Bonnes believes that every relationship is unique and each person is the expert in their own experience and they just need someone to listen and provide the road map to better overall mental health. Active listening drives curiosity which promotes understanding, connection, and increased awareness that increases quality of life, which is the ultimate goal in therapy. He has been promoting individualized connection and understanding and providing symptom relief in adults, children, adolescents, seniors, couples, and families by utilizing a strength-based humanistically informed integrative approach, applying different therapeutic modalities and techniques to fit the specific need of each individual. This strength-based approach allows clients to reach their potential for healing and growth, ultimately reducing distress and increasing their quality of life.

Podcast Interview with Dr. Bonnes
Helping Veterans Navigate the Dual Systems Paradigm of Returning Home to Families Through Being with Their Experience and Letting the Connection Determine the Treatment Modality, Rather Than a Protocol

Keith Bonnes, PSYD - Psychological Assciate at Growing Together Preventive & Psychological Services

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