Being in a relationship is hard work — even for the seemingly happiest of couples. From improving communication skills to building conflict resolution strategies, there are many reasons why therapy can be beneficial to all types of couples. Whether you’re just starting out on your journey or you’ve been together for 50 years, it’s never too early or late to start couples therapy in Danville CA.

You don’t even have to be in crisis mode to take advantage of couples therapy. You may think things are going along smoothly, or at least they’re OK. But the bottom line is: if you’re in a relationship, you can get a lot out of couples therapy. There doesn’t need to be a huge catalyst that puts your relationship into a tailspin. Just checking in regularly can be a great help.

Couples therapy keeps you healthier and happier, and provides both physical and emotional benefits. Studies have shown that couples therapy positively impacts 70 percent of those who receive treatment. For many couples, seeking professional help spells the difference between making it for the long haul or becoming a statistic of divorce.

Reasons For Couples to Seek Therapy Together

From the creation of a safe space to help working through life’s challenges, there are many reasons to seek couples counseling. Many people steer clear of therapy due to the stigma attached. Perhaps they don’t want to admit there’s a problem, or maybe they’re afraid of exploring their feelings in front of a stranger. Whatever the case, pushing beyond those barriers and working on the couple as a unit can prove very beneficial.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of therapy for couples. Couples therapy can:

  • Improve communication skills: Communication is key to a healthy relationship; however, it can be difficult for people to know or learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in the right way. When you work with a counselor, you and your partner learn tools to better share concerns and emotions in a more effective manner. Skills learned in this setting can include how to communicate effectively and knowing the right time and place to conduct difficult conversations.
  • Create a safe space: The couples therapy office is a safe haven. In that space, everything you both share with your counselor is confidential, with the counselor maintaining a position of neutrality throughout. No one is taking sides. The therapist is there to help you both work out your differences, not make judgments. You will both be given a chance to express yourself throughout each session.
  • Build empathy and understanding: If you’re like most people, you have a hard time “figuring out” your partner and understanding where they are coming from sometimes. This can be a source of frustration and often leads to conflict. Attending couples therapy can help you develop empathy and understanding of each other so as to gain a new perspective. This fresh perspective is sometimes all that is needed to work through a conflict.
  • Help resolve conflicts: Conflicts will always be there. Even the best marriages have conflict. The key to getting through them is to develop strong conflict resolution skills to be better able to solve disagreements in a productive manner. Resentment builds when you both struggle to get past issues time and time again, or when issues are not dealt with head on. Couples therapists can help you and your partner develop conflict resolution skills to use not only in your sessions but in everyday life as well.
  • Help work through life’s challenges: No couple is immune to challenges in life. Whether that involves infertility, financial issues, infidelity, mental health concerns, or traumatic events, couples therapists can help get you over those hurdles and present you with the tools you need to work past them.
  • Offer a sounding board: Many couples complain that they don’t feel their partner hears them or even allows them to express themselves. If you feel like your partner talks over you, or you don’t feel like you’re getting your point across accurately, couples therapy can give you a sounding board where both of you are actively listening to the other in the moment.

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